Expert Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services in Louisville, KY

Tree Trimming

Have a tree that used to be the showpiece of your property, but lately it's looking a little under the weather? We can bring new life to your trees with a pruning plan that will bring a fresh look to your landscape. Removal of dead or diseased wood can help promote new growth and prevent permanent damage. Trust the certified arborists at 999 Tree. We know how to bring out the best in your trees.

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Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree is damaged beyond recovery or maybe it has simply outgrown the space available. When the time has come to take a tree down on your property, trust the pros at 999 Tree. Big or small, we have the equipment and expertise to safely remove any tree. When performing tree work, we take special care to ensure your lawn and landscaping is not damaged in the process. Our goal is to remove the tree and leave your lawn exactly the way it was before we began.

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Emergency Tree Service

Storms can wreak havoc on older trees. Broken or damaged limbs can fall on homes, powerlines, people, or pets. If you notice damage to a tree, don't hesitate to call us right away. Fallen trees can be unpredictably dangerous because they can continue to break under their own weight and roll. If you have a down tree or broken limb, the safest thing to do is get a certified arborist to your property as soon as possible. Don't trust your emergency to just anyone. Hire a pro with years of experience and the right equipment.

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Cat's are GREAT at climbing trees...and NOT coming down...

If you have a furry family member that just can't get out of a tree, don't worry! 999 Tree has got you covered. We know that everyone needs a little help sometimes including our beloved pets. If you have a cat, bird or some other animal that's stuck in a tree, give us a call; we would love to help. 999 Tree never charges for this service. That's right, its absolutely free!

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