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Emergency Tree Services

No Upfront Payment for Services Covered by Insurance

When trees pose an immediate threat due to storms, decay, or other unexpected events, 999 Tree is ready to help. Our emergency tree services are geared towards promptness, safety, and fast resolution. With our advanced tools and trained professionals, we're always ready to address your emergency needs. Don't let hazardous trees become a safety concern; trust 999 Tree for immediate and competent assistance.

our process


Urgent Evaluation: Upon receiving an emergency call, a member from our team quickly visits the site to assess the tree's condition, identifying immediate threats and potential risks.


Site Assessment: The tree's health, size, proximity to structures, utilities, and the nature of the emergency (e.g., storm damage) are assessed to determine the urgency and method of removal or repair.


Rapid Permit Acquisition: In urgent situations, we will expedite the process of obtaining necessary permits and clearances to act promptly.


Immediate Safety Measures: The team ensures that the area is secured, minimizing risks to both individuals and property. This might include cordoning off dangerous zones or stabilizing parts of the tree.


Access and Intervention: Often, a team member will use climbing gear or an aerial lift for quick and safe access, especially if the tree poses an imminent threat.


Triage Pruning & Tree Removal: Depending on the emergency, branches causing immediate danger are pruned or removed first. If necessary, the tree is removed in sections or entirely, always prioritizing safety and minimizing collateral damage.


Stump Management: In emergencies, the stump might be left for later removal, but it's secured to avoid any accidents.


Swift Cleanup & Site Inspection: After dealing with the immediate emergency, we clear the site of debris and hazards. Then, our team conducts a final check, ensuring that all urgent issues have been addressed and that the area is safe.


Post-Emergency Guidance: Our team will provide recommendations on any follow-up actions, including potential replanting, further removals, or preventive measures for the future.



Careful Removal of Massive Storm Damaged Tree

Our team was called to help when a storm-damaged tree toppled onto a two-story home, threatening the integrity of the structure with its enormous weight and precarious positioning. Approaching this delicate task, our team conducted a meticulous assessment of both the tree and the house, identifying potential risks and strategizing the safest removal process. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, our skilled arborists first began by sectioning off and systematically lowering each branch to avoid any undue stress on the home's already burdened frame. Utilizing a combination of cranes and expert rigging, the larger sections of the trunk were carefully hoisted and removed, ensuring each movement was calculated and steady. Throughout this operation, the team remained in constant communication, adjusting their tactics in real-time to address the shifting weight and balance of the tree. Their comprehensive planning, precise execution, and deep understanding of structural dynamics allowed them to complete this high-stakes task without causing any additional damage to the property.

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We would like to thank all of our customers who have taken a little time out of their busy day to leave a comment about their experience with 999 Tree.

I've had a variety of companies do tree work at my properties over the years and I would wholeheartedly use 999-Tree again. Chad and his crew did an excellent job and kept me informed the entire time. They turned a mess into a usable area on our commercial property.

Jason Brown

Professional, on time, he knew exactly how to word the estimate so insurance would cover it. Would recommend and use again.

Josh Tennen

It's hard to find the words to adequately convey how impressed I was with the service we received from 999Tree... from their over the phone professionalism to their timeliness to the extent to which they provided constant communication of the process, the overall experience should be the model for any service company. I have, and will continue to, recommended this company to anyone who's looking for professional tree removal service. Thanks 999-TREE!!

JD Denny

Chad and his crew were awesome! They removed a tree that had fallen on my mother in laws a house. Cleaned up Very professional and I highly recommend 999 TREE. Give them a call!

Jack Sullivan

999tree is amazing was very responsive & stayed in communication with us the whole time . Very professional , was able to access and get the job done with the challenges presented . Even made sure everything was cleaned up afterwards deff recommend!!! Would use them again in the future ! Thank y’all for everything y’all do !

Mayella Chavez

Chad had removed 3 trees for us now. He is very meticulous and does an excellent job. Respectful of property and Job site is clean upon completion. Highly recommend to anyone.

jill sivori


We understand that navigating your next project can be complex, which is why we have compiled a collection of frequently asked questions and their answers to provide you with clear and concise information.

Whether you're seeking details about our services, equipment, environmental considerations, or project timelines, this FAQ section aims to provide the answers you need. If you have any additional inquiries or require personalized assistance, our knowledgeable team is just a phone call or email away.

We're here to help you make informed decisions and ensure your concrete project needs are met with professionalism, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

How quickly can a certified arborist respond to a storm-damaged tree emergency?

Response times can vary depending on the company and the severity of the storm, which may lead to a high volume of emergency calls. Many arborist services prioritize storm damage situations, especially if there's a safety concern. It's advisable to call as soon as you notice the damage so they can schedule an assessment and address the issue promptly.

The storm left multiple fallen branches but the tree is still standing. Do I need a full removal or just pruning?

If the main trunk and a significant portion of the canopy are still intact and healthy, the tree may not need full removal. Pruning the damaged branches might suffice. However, it's essential to have an arborist evaluate the tree's stability, especially if major limbs are down or if there's visible damage to the trunk.

Will my homeowner's insurance cover the cost of removing a storm-damaged tree?

While homeowner's insurance policies may vary, our team will work directly with your insurance provider to ensure that you receive the maximum coverage available according to your policy. If you have a storm damaged tree, please call our team first so that we can reach out directly to your insurance provider and help guide you through the claims process. We have years of experience working with insurance companies to

How can I tell if my storm-damaged tree can be saved or if it needs to be removed?

Not all storm-damaged trees need to be removed. Some can recover with proper care and pruning. Signs that a tree might be beyond saving include a split trunk, uprooting, or significant loss of its canopy. An arborist can provide a detailed assessment, weighing factors like the tree's health, age, and the extent of the damage, to recommend whether it should be removed or can be rehabilitated.

My tree was damaged in a storm. How urgent is it to have it removed?

The urgency of removing a storm-damaged tree depends on its condition and location. If the tree poses an immediate threat to structures, utility lines, or pedestrian areas, it should be addressed as soon as possible. However, if it's away from high-risk zones, you might have a bit more time. Regardless, it's crucial to have a certified arborist assess the situation promptly to determine the best course of action.